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Fertility Massage Testimonials

June 11, 2014

"Five years ago my husband and I started on the journey to have a baby. Little did we know we would struggle with infertility and have a LONG journey ahead. After 8 rounds of IVF I got Corinne's name from a friend of mine. Before my 9th round of IVF I went to Corinne for fertility massages to prepare my body. After many massages accompanied by IVF I feel pregnant for the first time. Unfortunately, it ended in a miscarriage. Using the same treatment and massages I went for my 10th round of IVF and I am currently pregnant with twin girls! Considering the only thing I did differently with my 9th and 10th round of IVF was the massages, I truly believe they played a big part in my success. Corinne was considerate, caring and very accommodating during the difficult process of IVF. The massages were very relaxing, which helped when going through a stressful time. I would recommend The Massage Therapy Healing Center to anybody struggling with infertility."

~Lindsay M.

Central Valley, NY


November 23, 2014

"I met Corinne in June 2014. I was gearing up for my second round of IVF. The first round had been unsuccessful. I decided last minute that I wanted to get a massage before my implantation, mainly to relieve stress. I did some research and came across The Massage Therapy Healing Center. I called Corinne only two days before my transfer date to inquire about a fertility massage. Corinne was thrilled that I had called and managed to squeeze me in despite the fact that she didn't really have any openings. Corinne explained the benefits of fertility massage and made me feel very comfortable. The massage itself was wonderful. My mind and body were prepared for the transfer of the most perfect embryo the following day. I am happy to say that I am now 6 months pregnant with my first baby and couldn't be more thrilled. I recently went back to Corinne for a pregnancy massage which was equally as wonderful."

~Brittany L.




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